BIG BAKERY - sheltered employment for youth with disabilities


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Executive Summary

Big Bakery is a sheltered employment business for the differently abled youth of Bhutan. It was initiated by Draktsho, a vocational training institute for the differently abled children and youth of Bhutan. It is located in Kawajangsa, Thimphu. Big Bakery and her talented bakers have established a reputation for making the best breads in Bhutan.

The Bakery currently employs 8 youth with disabilities and provides them with a source of meaningful employment and engagement. It is one of the most successful cases of sustainable employment for youth with disabilities in Bhutan.


The development in Bhutan began with the construction of the first motor road in 1965. Schooling and the subsequent generation of an educated working human resource began gradually with 5-year plans mapped out by the government. However, many measures are yet to be taken to provide a secure and a sustainable employment for the disabled in Bhutan.

According to a report from the World Health Organization, the estimated prevalence of disability in Bhutan is 3.4 percent. In the same report, Speech and Hearing impairment is ranked as the number one impairment in the country.

Pressing issues regarding the children and youth with disabilities in Bhutan:

  • Lack of skills and resource: There is a deficiency of meaningful engagement and training for skills development for children and youth with disabilities in Bhutan.
  • Unemployment: Lack of meaningful skills hinder many youth with disabilities to find employment and therefore are not able to economically sustain themselves.

Aims and Objectives

  • The proposed project will empower more children and youth with disabilities in Bhutan by training them in the art of baking, coffee making and other skills in line with the bakery.
  • The proposed project will help provide meaningful employment with a safe work environment to youth with disabilities for economic independence.

The proposed project is to start a café outlet in Thimphu, Bhutan. The café will generate more employment opportunities for the youths with disabilities and facilitate the bakery to provide more diverse training to the youths.

Estimate Budget

1 USD = 67 Ngultrum



Funds (Nu.)


Rent of space for 2 months



Café equipments






Furniture and Decor


TOTAL: 8,00,000 Ngulturum

               11,940 USD

Project manager

Mr. Ngawang Gyeltshen is a volunteer and supporter of the Big Bakery. He is also the founder of Youth Social Cooperative, and Bhutan’s representative to the International Cooperative Alliance.

With his vast experience in societal project management, Mr. Ngawang will volunteer to manage the project and ensure it becomes a sustainable venture that empowers children and youth with disabilities.

Evaluation and assessment

The Big Bakery will notify all its sponsors and friends with a bi-annual newsletter via email on the progress of our project and how your support is helping improve the lives.

The aim of the entire project will be to create a transparent environment that bridges our friends over-seas and the ground realities that are being improved with their support.