The Kingdom of Bhutan provides a great amount of inspiration to Our Society, which fuels the work that we do in Europe. Our intention is to try and \"give back\" to Bhutan, as to create an mutually beneficial exchange of support and inspiration. Therefore, we have hand-picked several projects and initiatives in Bhutan, which we aim to support either through direct financial contribution, mentorship, or logistical assistance. Currently, we are actively underway with the Kila Gompa Nunnery Assistance project; we have newly taken on board the Big Bakery cafe project, and we are actively trying different options of making ourselves useful within the textile sector.

Our projects in Bhutan

Kila Gompa Nunnery assistance project

Kila Gompa nunnery or Chele la Gompa is located on the cliffs below Chele pass at about 3,500m above sea level – between Paro and Haa, in the West of the Kingdom of Bhutan. Although rarely visited by tourists, it provides one of the most stunning views in Western provinces. Known as the “second Tiger’s Nest” (thus comparing it in magnificence to Taksang monastery), the nunnery currently houses 58 nuns aged between 8 and 83 under the supervision and tuition of Asha Lama. (more)

Big bakery - sheltered employment for youth with disabilities

Big Bakery is a sheltered employment business for the differently abled youth of Bhutan. It was initiated by Draktsho, a vocational training institute for the differently abled children and youth of Bhutan. It is located in Kawajangsa, Thimphu. Big Bakery and her talented bakers have established a reputation for making the best breads in Bhutan. (more)

Tashi Textiles

"Weaving the colours of Bhutan into the fabric of western life."  - Traditional woven Bhutanese textiles are unsurpassed in their beauty and quality. Yet unfortunately, they have had very limited exposure on the international market. Our work-in-progress initiative "Tashi textiles" in cooperation with MyBhutan and other local partners, aims to explore ways in which Bhutanese textiles could be introduced to the Western market as to both support traditional Bhutanese artisans, and enliven the Western textile market with the beauty of Bhutanese weaves. (more)

Should you feel drawn to support or to contribute to any of our initiatives, please contact Lilia directly on