The "Tashi Textiles" initiative

Traditional weaving in Bhutan provides an example of an exceptional and exclusive artisan skill, which for the time being has not received the international exposure that it deserves.

Woven textiles are handmade, eco-friendly, visually appealing and absolutely unique. With the \"Tashi Textiles\" initiative, in collaboration with local partners such as MyBhutan, we wish to explore how to bridge the gap between the artisan women of Eastern Bhutan and the Western market, as to provide rural weaving communities with an additional sustainable source of income, empower women weavers and help to preserve their craft to ensure it is passed down to the next generation whilst providing the western consumer with access to items of exceptional quality and beauty, produced responsibly and in a sustainable manner.

Whilst grounding our production in fair, ethical and ecological principles, our social enterprise model aims to create market- driven merchandise of the highest international standard. Through harmonizing methodology and merchandise, tribute is given to the intrinsic beauty of the original woven fabrics that form the basis of our lines.


Ecstatic Fashion collection

Our first project in collaboration with Ilona Bittnerova, has been to create an pilot collection of dresses using traditional Bhutanese fabric, which can be found at