8th Biennial Meeting of European Bhutan Societies

6.10.2016 Athens

It was a very special day, when I had the honour of introducing our new Friends of Bhutan Society (Czech Republic), to the wider family of Bhutan-related societies from all over Europe, as well as to Her Excellency the Ambassador Aum Pema Choden and other member of the Bhutanese Embassy in Brussels.

The meeting was hosted in Athens by virtue of the Greek society. Thanks to their generosity and hard work – the event was a true success!

The trip was a humbling experience, thereby I got to see first hand the depth and breadth of amazing activities, charitable causes and cultural events organized by the various societies around Europe.

Being the newest member, we feel we have much to learn from our older and more experienced counterparts, and we much look forward to where this journey will take us. Hopefully, with blessings from above and from the embassy, as well as the help of our European friends, we will find more and better ways to contribute to the beautiful tapestry woven between Europe and Bhutan.


What a great honour to be part thereof.

With kindest greetings to all of our European and Bhutanese counterparts –



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